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A unique collaboration in medical education


univadis® - a uniquely comprehensive medical resource

univadis - free mediacal service

univadis® is an online information service for doctors, nurses, and specialists in the UK. We offer free medical news and education, along with clinical search services, which include access to our on-site library. The univadis library contains many books, manuals and journals such as Diabetologia, Harrisons online and the Merck manuals. univadis is tailored specifically to healthcare professionals, working in both primary and secondary care, and was formed with the sole aim of improving patient care.

To ensure that balanced and impartial information is provided, univadis is independently reviewed and contains the latest information from world-class sources such as Elsevier, Trip+, and PatientUK. univadis also uniquely supports the medical community with useful links (such as clinical search engines and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited courses), amenities (such as TrafficMaster, weather updates, and job search), latest medical news alerts, and discussion fora, all conveniently gathered on one site. Sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Merck Sharpe and Dohme, univadis covers almost all therapy areas, and does not promote products or pass personal data to third parties.

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Medical news & services

We recognise that it's crucial for healthcare professionals in both primary and secondary care to keep their medical and clinical education fresh with the very latest thinking in their therapy area, and in medical science as a whole. Unfortunately, busy schedules don't always allow for entire newspapers to be read, or several different medical education websites to be accessed each day. univadis addresses this need by providing easily-digestible, edited versions of current news and events. There are also one-click links to specific areas dedicated to discussion groups or clinical search engines - all of which can be accessed directly from the univadis site.

Top 10 Links

  • Forums - discussion groups dedicated to a variety of current topics
  • GP News - latest medical news of specific interest to primary care
  • 3D Anatomy - interactive 3D anatomy model
  • Search - clinical search engine
  • Firstview - a selection of Key Opinion Leader's views
  • Broadcast - pod / web casts on current medical topics
  • Select news - latest medical news findings
  • Trip+ - access to the TRIP database
  • Image Database - access to images including those from Image Library
  • Medical Education - availability of CPD accredited courses
  • Library - online access to a selection of the world's best medical journals and manuals

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More news & services

univadis provides tools and services to enhance the medical physicians needs.




Medical news & services

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quotes Our collaboration with BMJ Group intends to ultimately increase the health outcome for patients, and strengthen the position of univadis® as a trusted, professional and comprehensive source for the medical community.
Dr.Ottfried Zierenberg
Medical Director, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Canada of MSD.

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