Univadis Editorial Policy

Our Purpose

Univadis is committed to delivering impartial and accurate health information to meet the needs of healthcare professionals (HCPs) around the globe. Our professional editorial staff is responsible for the curation, creation, and maintenance of the content presented on our websites, mobile applications, and messages sent to our users via email or other media. Our goal is to continually discover the best means to help solve medical information overload and provide a unique resource for HCPs to remain current in medicine and continually improve their practice.

Univadis is part of the network of websites owned and operated by WebMD LLC ("WebMD") and/or Medscape, LLC ("Medscape") that are intended for use by healthcare professionals, including but not limited to medscape.com, medscape.org, Medscape App and Medscape CME & Education (collectively, the "Medscape Network"). Univadis’ editorial content, including news, features, and reference, is developed independently of the advertising and promotional content available on the Medscape Network, all of which is clearly labeled as such in accordance with the WebMD Advertising Policy. Third-party editorial content licensed for use on Univadis is held to the same editorial standards as Univadis’ original content. Our sites and apps may carry advertising. Advertising content and sponsorships on our websites, mobile applications, and emails are clearly delineated from editorial content. This policy of editorial independence is strictly enforced by our professional editorial staff. The work of the editorial staff is kept separate from the influence of sponsors and advertisers.

All of the editorial and advertising content within Univadis Web and mobile applications and messages is targeted strictly to healthcare professionals, and not to healthcare consumers.

Governance of this policy

Final decisions on editorial content and any changes to the Editorial Policy must be approved by Senior VP, Medscape Editorial & Content Strategy.

Editorial content

Our editorial content is selected and developed to support the Univadis mission of being an essential resource for healthcare professionals. All content we deliver—whether licensed or original—is included based on its suitability for this purpose.

Original Editorial Content

Our editorial staff includes medical professionals—physicians, pharmacists, nurses and physician assistants—as well as experienced staff and freelance scientific and medical journalists. This team is responsible for creating original editorial content using the same process to ensure independence and appropriateness.

All original content is based on sources of high quality and reliability, including peer-reviewed medical journals, trusted medical textbooks, government health agencies, and recognized experts.

Any original content we present based on original research or expert recommendation will clearly disclose the author who has prepared the content. All such authors are required to complete a standard document that requires disclosure of any affiliations or financial relationships that may represent a conflict of interest. Any significant conflicts will be disclosed alongside the affect piece of content.

Examples of our original editorial content include:

  • News
  • Guideline summaries
  • Medical quizzes and interactive Q&A
  • Clinical summaries
  • Expert reviews

Our team

For a list of the Univadis editorial staff, click here.