BRAF and MEK inhibitors: Combination therapy delivers more durable outcomes in current studies

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  • In a review of clinical trials data for BRAF and MEK inhibitor combination therapy, combination therapy is generally delivering more durable outcomes than monotherapy, paradoxically with fewer side effects than monotherapy.

Study Design

  • Review of currently available clinical trial data relating to BRAF + MEK combination inhibition, and use of such inhibitors in combination with other therapies.

Key Results

  • Median PFS in BRAF and MEK inhibitor trials:

    • Phase III dabrafenib + trametinib vs dabrafenib: 11 months vs 5.8 months.

    • Phase III dabrafenib + trametinib vs vemurafenib: 11.4 months vs 7.3 months.

    • Phase III vemurafenib + cometinib vs vemurafenib: 12.3 months vs 7.3 months.

    • Paradoxically, fewer side...