BRAF+ melanoma: BRAF/MEK, PD-1 inhibition best for OS

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  • BRAF/MEK and PD-1 inhibition significantly improved OS in this population.
Why this matters
  • The favorable safety profile of PD-1 inhibitors lends support to its use as a first-line option when rapid response is not a priority.
Study design
  • Meta-analysis that included 16 articles reporting 15 RCTs involving 6662 patients that were assigned to 1 of 10 treatment strategies was conducted to estimate the relative efficacy and safety of systemic therapies for advanced, treatment-naive, BRAF-mutated melanoma.
  • Funding: None disclosed.
Key results
  • Both BRAF/MEK and PD-1 were associated with improved OS vs with all other treatments except CTLA-4/GM-CSF (key comparisons include BRAF/MEK vs BRAF [HR, 0.69] and PD-1 vs CTLA-4 [HR, 0.58]).
  • There was no significant difference in OS between BRAF/MEK and PD-1 ...