Circulating-free DNA predicts response and treatment outcomes in BRAF mutation-positive melanoma

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  • A study of patients with BRAF mutation-positive melanoma from 4 clinical trials consistently found improved progression-free survival and overall survival in those who tested negative for BRAF mutation-positive circulating-free DNA

Study Design

  • Study to assess association between BRAF mutation status in circulating-free DNA and tumor with clinical outcomes
  • Patients BRAF V600 mutation-positive melanoma were selected from four clinical trials of BRAF and MEK inhibitors; BRAF mutation status in cfDNA was determined in 732 patients

Key Results

  • BRAF mutations were detected in the cfDNA of 76% of BRAF V600E-positive tumors and 81% of V600K-positive tumors
  • Patients negative for BRAF mutations in cfDNA ...