CRC: tumor necrosis is a relevant prognostic indicator

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  • Extent of tumor necrosis is a relevant histomorphological prognostic indicator in colorectal cancer (CRC).

Key results

  • Tumor necrosis was positively correlated with tumor stage (P=8.5E-4), especially with T class (4.0E-6), and inversely correlated with serrated histology (P=.014), but was not significantly associated with cell proliferation rate, microvascular density (MVD), and KRAS or BRAF mutation.
  • Abundant (≥10%) tumor necrosis was associated with worse disease-free survival independent of the stage and other biological or clinicopathological characteristics in both cohorts, with the adverse effect directly related to its extent.
  • High CD105 MVD was a stage independent marker for worse disease-free survival (P=....