DTC: 55 y may be the best cutoff age for TNM staging

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  • A cutoff age of 55 y was associated with optimal prediction of disease-specific survival (DSS) in TNM staging of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC).

Why this matters

  • Age is a strong prognostic factor for survival of patients with DTC, but the cutoff age for TNM staging is controversial.

Key results

  • The optimal age cutoff for DSS prediction was 55.4 y (AUC, 0.837, sensitivity 76.4%, specificity 78.1%; P<.001).
  • With a cutoff of 45 y, 10 y DSS was 99.4% for stage I, 96.1% for stage II, 97.7% for stage III, and 85.9% for stage IV (proportion of variation explained (PVE) 3.0%, Harrell’s c-index 0.693).
  • With a cutoff of 55 y, 10 y DSS was 99.4% for stage 1, 92.2% for s...