GLUT-1 overexpression: a negative prognostic indicator in CRC

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  • This meta-analysis found that overexpression of glucose transporter-1 (GLUT-1) is associated with worse DFS in rectal cancer, and correlated with aggressive clinical features in colorectal cancer (CRC).      

Why this matters

  • GLUT-1 is overexpressed in various malignancies, but its precise prognostic value in CRC remains unclear.

Key results

  • Meta-analysis included 14 studies involving 2077 patients.
  • In CRC, GLUT-1 was not significantly associated with OS (HR=1.28; P=.22) or DFS (HR=1.71; P=.179).
  • Subgroup analysis in rectal cancer found that GLUT-1 was a significant biomarker for poor DFS (HR=2.47; P=.013).
  • GLUT-1 expression was significantly correlated with various clinical features in CRC: presence of lymph node metastasis (n=...