HBV and pregnancy: telbivudine completely blocks vertical transmission

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  • Telbivudine (Tyzeka), whether started in early or middle pregnancy, completely blocks maternal transmission of HBV to infants.

Why this matters

  • This is the first report of telbivudine use in early pregnancy. 

Study design

  • Study of 188 pregnant women with chronic HBV.
  • 62 started telbivudine at 12 wk gestation, 61 started between 20-28 wk gestation, and 65 remained untreated.
  • Telbivudine was discontinued at postpartum wk 12.
  • All infants received hepatitis B immunoglobulin and HBV vaccine.
  • Funding: None.

Key results

  • Baseline viral load was similar among the 3 study groups (7.79±0.22, 7.75±0.19, and 7.74±0.22 log10 copies/mL; P=.373).
  • Pregnancy outcomes were similar among groups.
  • Early and middle-pregnancy telbivudine initiation yielded similar mean HBV DNA levels prior to delivery (0.51±1.44 and 0.4...