Heart failure: 6 minutes is a long time; how about a 60-foot walk test?

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  • These authors tested the 60-foot walk test (60ftWT) as a substitute for the longer and more resource-needy 6-min walk test to predict risk for patients with heart failure (HF).
  • Total completion time is inversely associated with HF symptom severity, predicts HF hospitalization/death.

Why this matters  

  • Patients walk 15 feet lengths, 4 times; test is easily done in corridor or other space and takes little time compared with the 6-min walk measure.

Key results 

  • Median completion time was 26 s.
  • Longer completion time correlated with shorter 6-min walk distance (P<.001) and more HF symptom severity (eg, New York Heart Association functional class) (P<.001).
  • A long 60ftWT time was predictive of increased symptoms at 3 mo (P<.01).
  • Taking longer...