High response rates for bictegravir or dilutegraver with FTC/TAF for initial HIV therapy | CROI

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  • Bictegravir (BIC) + FTC/TAF and dolutegravir (DTG) + FTC/TAF both demonstrated high virologic response rates at W24 that were maintained at W48.
  • No treatment-emergent resistance was detected in the BIC+FTC/TAF arm through W48. 

Why this matters

  • Because of their potency and safety, integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs) are widely recommended initial HIV-1 treatments in most major treatment guidelines.

 Key results

  • Most subjects were male, had asymptomatic HIV infection, with median HIV-1 RNA 4.4-4.5 log10; baseline characteristics were balanced between arms.
  • Virologic success (HIV-1 RNA <50 c/mL) at W24 was 97% for the BIC arm and 94% for the DTG arm, and at W48 was 97% and 91%, respectively. 

Study design

  • Investigators at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Bosto...