How do anticoagulation and antiplatelet therapy compare for Afib patients having PCI with stent? | J Clin Med Res

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  • Triple therapy (TT), dual therapy (DT), and dual-antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) have similar efficacy, major bleeding rates in AF patients who have PCI with stent.

Key results

  • N=98, 48 (49%), 31 (31.6%), 19 (19.4%) TT, DT, DAPT. 
  • Mean follow-up, 378±15.7 d
  • No differences in outcomes.
  • Absolute 1-y major bleeding: 8.3% (TT), 6.45% (DT), 5.2% (DAPT) (p=0.893). By comparing the three 

Study design

  • Retrospective cohort study. 
  • ...