How does stroke affect traumatic brain injury survivors?

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  • In a national database study, 2.5% of patients with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) experienced concurrent acute ischemic stroke (AIS), which was associated with worse functional and cognitive outcomes.

Why this matters

  • There is limited clinical evidence on AIS in TBI.

Key results

  • 2.5% of patients experienced concurrent AIS.
  • Compression of basal cisterns or midline shift (OR, 1.589; P=.005), damage to subcortical white matter tracts (OR, 1.853; P<.001), and the presence of atrial flutter (OR, 3.560; P=.037) were independently associated with AIS in multivariate analysis.
  • AIS was associated with reduced Functional Independence Measure Total score (P<.001) and increased Disability Rating Scale total score (P<.001).

Study design

  • 6488 patients with TBI from the Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems National Database were analyzed for AIS incidence...