IBD-associated CRC: different features, worse prognosis?

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  • Clinical features of colorectal cancer (CRC) in patients with IBD differ significantly from those without IBD, and may be associated with increased mortality.

Why this matters

  • IBD-associated CRC and sporadic CRC appear to be different clinical entities with potentially different prognoses.

Key results

  • Of 12,578 patients newly diagnosed with CRC, 101 (0.8%) had a history of IBD (61 ulcerative colitis and 40 Crohn's disease).
  • Mean age at CRC diagnosis was increased for patients without vs with IBD (67.1 vs 52.8 y; P<.001).
  • Compared with those without IBD, patients with IBD-associated CRC were more likely to be men (OR, 1.90), aged <65 y (OR, 6.77), and have CRC in the proximal colon (OR, 2.79).
  • After adjusting for age, sex, and stage at diagnosis, IBD-associated CRC had increased mortality risk (HR, 1...