Maternal age is a risk factor for cesarean delivery with induction of labor

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  • Women with advanced maternal age (AMA) have an increased risk for cesarean delivery (CD) with induction of labor (IOL).
  • Parity does not affect risk.

Why this matters

  • More women with AMA are becoming pregnant and giving birth.
  • AMA is associated with increased risks for adverse pregnancy outcome, including preeclampsia, placental abruption, preterm births, and stillbirths.
  • Rate of IOL have increased in women with AMA.
  • There may be a gradual decrease in myometrial dysfunction with advancing maternal age.

Key results

  • AMA was associated with a 2-fold increase risk for CD after IOL (adjusted OR [aOR], 2.31; P≤.001).
  • Parity did not reduce the risk for CD in AMA women (nulliparous aOR, 2.62; P=.006 vs multiparous aOR, 2.78; P=.001).
  • Analyzing data using different age cut-offs (...