Neonatal HIV: variability seen in virologic response to early ART | CROI

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  • Variability was seen in virologic response to early antiretroviral therapy (ART) among HIV-infected infants identified at birth. 

Why this matters

  • ART initiated soon after primary infection is thought to influence seeding of the viral reservoir, with beneficial effects for virologic control. 

Key results

  • Of 100 HIV-infected infants identified, 68 were enrolled in a clinical trial tracking their response to ART.
  • Analyzed were infants who started ART 0-15 days and were alive and still in follow-up at six months.
  • Eleven percent of treated infants were found to have persistently high HIV RNA levels, 35% a declining trajectory that has not yet reached lower detection limit (LDL), and 54% have declined to LDL or target n...