No benefit of dairy consumption for systolic BP, hypertension risk

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  • Incorporating genotypes that predict dairy consumption to avoid confounding, these authors found no protective effect of “genetically determined” dairy intake for systolic BP or for hypertension.
  • Accompanying meta-analysis of clinical trials also found no BP effect, although the analysis of observational studies found a systolic BP effect.

Why this matters  

  • Unlike typical observational studies, the Mendelian randomization used here reduces confounding from genetics.
  • A recent study in a Chinese population, however, found an inverse association between dairy consumption and hypertension risk but not between nondairy calcium and hypertension risk, suggesting some dairy-specific factors involved.

Study design

  • This systematic review evaluated 22 observational (n=171,213), 10 cohort (n=26,119), and 8 randomized control (n=735) studies.
  • Mendelian randomization approach used single nucleotide polymorphism related to lactase per...