No evidence emphatically favors any of 42 combination treatments for schizophrenia

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  • Although some combination strategies show promise in improving general symptoms of schizophrenia, this meta-analysis of 42 possible combinations found no solid support for any single add-on combination of antipsychotics.

Why this matters  

  • Because treatment responses to antipsychotic treatment in schizophrenia can be limited, various combinations of drugs have been attempted, even though the evidence base for any of them is mixed at best.

Key results 

  • 32 approaches involved 1 of a selection of antipsychotic drugs; 5 involved augmenting clozapine.
  • 14 treatments did better than controls for total psychopathology (P=.05); no clozapine augmentations outperformed controls.
  • No combinations bested controls f...