OSCC prognosis linked to annexin A2 levels

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  • Elevated serum levels of annexin A2 are associated with oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) incidence and reduced survival of patients with OSCC.

Why this matters

  • New biomarkers for OSCC may help improve patient care.

Key results

  • Patients with OSCC had higher annexin A2 levels (27.1 ng/mL) than benign oral disease patients (15.9 ng/mL) and control patients (15.0 ng/mL; P<.01).
  • Elevated annexin A2 was associated with OSCC development in multivariate analysis (OR, 1.97; P<.05).
  • Serum annexin A2 levels had an AUC value of 0.80 for distinguishing OSCC from benign oral disease and an AUC value of 0.77 for distinguishing OSCC from controls.
  • Elevated annexin A2 was associated with TNM stage, tumor differentiation, lymph node metastasis, and d...