Pancreatic cancer: new N staging system accurately predicts outcomes

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  • The absolute number of lymph node metastases is an independent prognostic factor for oncologic outcomes of resected left-sided pancreatic cancer.

Key results

  • pN stage (pN0 vs pN1, 17.5 vs 7.9 mo; P=.001), lymph node ratio (LNR; <0.08 vs ≥0.08, 17.5 vs 4.4 mo; P <0.001), and absolute number of LN metastases (N-LNmet; 0 vs 1 vs ≥2, 17.5 vs 11 vs 6.4 mo; P=.002) were significantly associated with disease-free survival (DFS) in univariate analysis.
  • pN stage (pN0 vs pN1, 35.3 vs 16.7 mo; P=.001),...