Prostate cancer: brachytherapy linked to small risk for bladder cancer

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  • The incidence of a second primary cancer (SPC) after low-dose brachytherapy (BT) for prostate cancer is low, but there may be a small increase in the risk for subsequent bladder cancer.
Study design
  • The study included 889 patients with early prostate cancer who were treated at both private and public hospitals by the same BT team, with a BT seed implant as monotherapy during a 12-y period.
  • Data were prospectively collected on all subsequent SPC diagnoses.
Key results
  • 60 patients (6.7%) in the cohort developed subsequent malignancies at sites outside the prostate; primarily melanoma followed by lung cancer.
  • 11 pelvic tumors were considered as potential in field malignancies, including 4 rectal adenocarcinomas and 7 urothelial cancers in the bladder.
  • Most of the di...