Self-administered first trimester medical termination acceptable to women

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  • Self-management of early first trimester termination of pregnancy (TOP) is well tolerated and accepted by women.

Why this matters

  • WHO guidelines on TOP includes the option of home self-management.
  • Most women from this study saw self-management of early first trimester TOP as positive and acceptable. However, there was a range of experiences.
  • Physicians need to provide accurate information and expectation-setting.

Key results

  • Themes around self-management:
  1. Surprise that self-management was an option.
  2. Self-administration perceived as not problematic by most.
  3. Some women desired the privacy and comfort of home while some preferred to be at the health center.
  • Themes around expectations:
  1. Most felt they were appropriately informed and prepared.
  2. Most appreciated having a telephone contact if needed.
  • Themes around follo...