Spinal disorders elevated in IBD patients 20 years after diagnosis | ECCO

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  • The prevalence of axial spondylarthropathy (SpA) and (ankylosing spondylitis) AS in IBD patients late in the disease course was higher than the prevalence reported in general populations.
  • The prevalence of chronic nonspecific back pain amongst IBD patients was comparable to that reported in the general population. 

Why this matters

  • Patients with IBD often suffer from extraintestinal rheumatic manifestations, prevalently including inflammatory back disorders like ankylosing spondylitis (AS), axial spondylarthropathy (axial SpA) and inflammatory back pain (IBP).
  • But few studies have estimated the prevalence of these disorders late in the disease course. 

Key results

  • Of the total 599 patients from the original cohort still living, 470 (78.5%) were investigated.
  • Chronic back pain had been present during the disease course in 148 patients (31.5%), 90 (38.3%) women and 58 (24.7%) men.
  • The ASAS criteria for IBP were met by 37 patients (7.9%), 23 women and 14 men, and 17 patients (3.6%) fulfilled the criteria for axial SpA (11 women and 6 men).
  • Over the last three months, 80 patients (17.0%) reported chronic back pain, leaving only 21 patients (4.5%) fulfilling the IBP criteria and five patients (1.1%) the axial SpA criteria.
  • AS was diagnosed in 21 patients (4.5%), 8 women and 13 men; the total HLA-B27 prevalence was 8.7%, higher among patients with chronic...