TaqMan-based multiplex PCR improves rapidity of sepsis diagnosis

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  • Timely diagnosis is critical to survival in sepsis; data suggest that in general, mortality rate increases by 2% for every hour delay in antimicrobial therapy, and in severe sepsis, there is a ~7.6% decline in survival per hour from hypotension onset without antimicrobials.
  • TaqMan-based multiplex real-time PCR is a novel, highly rapid/accurate method for diagnosing sepsis.

Why this matters

  • Conventional blood culture methods for sepsis detection have low sensitivity, require ≤48-72 h for results, and are associated with false-positives.
  • TaqMan-based PCR allows for rapid, 2-h quantification without post-PCR processing needs, with 100% sensitivity (at concentration 1×103 CFU/mL), 52.2% specificity.

Study design

  • TaqMan-multiplex-RT-PCR validated using samples from 20 known blood samples (11 strains).
  • 30 blood samples evaluated by Taq-multiplex-RT-PCR and blood culture.
  • Funding: Public Welfare Technology of Zhejiang.