Thyroid Disease Vitals for January 2017

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We screened more than 174 studies on Thyroid Disease this month. These are the most important.

Meta-analysis finds higher prevalence of thyroid disease in celiac patients

Source: PLoS One

  • Many nondigestive diseases have been linked to celiac disease (CD).
  • Whether thyroid disease is more common in patients with CD has been controversial.


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Hyperactive thyroid may increase risk for decline in kidney function

Source:  Eur J Endocrinol

  • Prior studies have shown an association between hypothyroidism and CKD, but these have been limited by their cross-sectional design, which cannot determine temporality.
  • This prospective, longitudinal study in fact found a link between subclinical hyperthyroidism (low levels of TSH) with larger annual eGFR decines and higher rates of CKD.


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Do US women get proper counseling with regard to iodine intake?

Source: Thyroid

  • Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can lead to congenital hypothyroidism in infants and intellectual impairment.
  • Most obstetricians and midwives fail to recommend iodine supplements, says survey.

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