Tooth loss common in diabetes

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  • Diabetes-focused visits should include a discussion of the importance of good dental care, with particular emphasis on regular dental flossing.

Study design

  • 202 patients with diabetes presenting for routine clinic visits were evaluated via questionnaire.
  • They had a mean age of 59 y, diabetes duration 16 y, hemogloblin A1c 7.7%, and 49.5% were female.
  • Data were collected on demographics, dental history, duration, and control and complications of diabetes. 

Key results

  • Most (88%) had survey responses suggestive of periodontal disease, in contrast to 46% prevalence of periodontal disease in the general population.
  • 15% had lost all their teeth compared with an estimated 4% in the general population.
  • Only 6% of the patients with diabetes still had ...