Vaccine Vitals for April 2017

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We screened 366 studies on Vaccines this month. These are the most important.

"Dose sparing" investigational influenza vaccine is safe, immunogenic

Source: Br J Clin Pharmacol

  • A novel, "dose sparing" whole-virion influenza vaccine has been found safe and immunogenic at all doses tested (range, 3.5-15 μg hemagglutinin protein per strain) in both adults and elderly patients.
  • At times of epidemics or vaccine shortages, lower-dose vaccines will boost availability.


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DTaP vaccination during pregnancy prevents infant pertussis

Source: Pediatrics

  • Pertussis infection is especially virulent in infants.
  • DTaP vaccination during pregnancy is successful at preventing pertussis in infants during the first 2 mo (before the time of their own DTaP vaccination) and first year of life.


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HPV vaccine not linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes

Source: N Engl J Med

  • A large study found no association between exposure to the quadrivalent HPV vaccine and adverse pregnancy outcome, including major birth defects and spontaneous abortion.
  • A prior study linked HPV vaccination to spontaneous abortion, but it was small in size.


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