VTE risk postcurative CRC resection is low

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  • In localized colorectal cancer (CRC), venous thromboembolism (VTE) rates are quite low after curative surgery with no increased risk from adjuvant chemotherapy, but recurrence is a VTE risk.

Why this matters  

  • These results suggest that there is no need for primary thromboprophylaxis for these patients.

Key results 

  • VTE rates at 6 mo, 1 y, and 5 y were 1.6%, 2.0%, and 3.2%, respectively.
  • No association of risk with adjuvant chemotherapy.
  • CRC recurrence did increase VTE risk (adjusted transition HR, 12.36; P<.001); however, VTE was not predictive of recurrence (recurrence rates at 6 mo, 1 y, and 5 y were 5.7%, 13.1%, and 28.6%, respectively).

Study design

  • 516 patients (median age, 65.1 y) with stage II (29.5%) or stage III (70.5%) CRC were included r...